Forex & Binary Money Adder

Forex Adder by GatewayAdders Incorp

Requirement of Software :

Specific Details

Hard Disk Needs

4 GB on computer

Ram Needs

1 GB (Minimum)

Software License

Will be provided


Will be provided


Will be provided

Bank Permit License

Will be provided

International Software Certificate

Will be provided

Immigration Law Card for software

Will be provided

5 Years Renew

It's totally free

  • Ease of use through its user friendly interface.
  • Single software.
  • Totally automated
  • linked to trillonaire International banks
  • Preprogrammed strongly.
  • The ability to overlay your real IP
  • Ability to use on kilo-second mood.
  • Multiple Banks are connected
  • No restriction ever
  • Daily account statement
  • Real time client memo summary,
  • Up to 25,000 amount of USD by single use
  • limits 10 million USD per year
  • full agreement + legal license to use for business
  • ID card will be sent for VIP USER.
  • No immigration restriction
  • All country supported
  • Windows/Mac Os/Android and iOS supported
  • One time payment only

Forex & Binary Adder



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Email us:

Call us:

+1 (571)- 642-3287

Call us:

+1 (571)- 642-3287


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Forex Adder Software :


This is first time ever we have released gateway Forex Adder software for business purpose and successful trading business.. Since 12th February, 2008 we had started our mission on money adders software and after 8 years we have successfully invented our goal which is amazingly works for global network and thousands of time tested before supply to markets for business purpose.

In the world, we have total 2000 banking server connection after 8 years hard working, and all is connected to software this is why new invention that you will be able to choose your bank (for example : Bank of America, Japanese post Bank etc.) while you will use the software which is fully official licensed, regulated and registered software.

There are two types of automated forex trading which consist of:


  • A completely automated system or known as a robotic forex trading: Generally, this method is what you would classify as a “trading machine” or “black box trading” which executes orders based on certain algorithms based on its creator. The creator of the automatic trading script has already decided on the aspects of the order such as the timing, price or quantity and initiates the order automatically. Users can only interfere by tweaking the technical parameters (such as lot size, risk parameters, stop-losses and take profit) of the program; all other control is handed over to the trading script.


  • A Signal-based forex generator: You need to manually execute orders generated by a trading system which has an algorithm in-built to highlight a potential entry and close signal and a user manually executes these trade orders with a broker.


Advantages :


An automated trading environment can generate more trades per market than a human trader can handle and can replicate its actions across multiple markets and time frames. An automated system is also unaffected by the psychological swings that human traders are prey to. This is particularly relevant when trading with a mechanical model, which is typically developed on the assumption that all the trade entries flagged will actually be taken in real time trading.


Disadvantages :


As a decentralized and relatively unregulated market, it is extremely attractive to a number of Forex scams. Forex autotrading, as it brings Forex trading to the masses makes even more people susceptible to frauds. Bodies such as the National Futures Association and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have issued warnings and rules to avoid fraudulent Forex trading behavior.