Business Loan

Business Loan

We provides business loan for international or local businessman and its based upon our company rules and conditions with very low advanced interest. We also advise to our clients about to establish the business for example " Real Estate, IT Business, Retails, International Share, International Trading, Forex Trading, Marketing etc.


Our single loan from 500,000 USD and up to 500 Million USD for international business. And average interest is 3% for one time only with huge 10-20 years validation.


  • From $500,000 and up to $500 hundred million USD
  • 10-20 years validation of business loan
  • Direction of business
  • Free Advise for international businesses
  • Life time support
  • No Risk


Its a great loan for businessmen ever we have brought to world for easy business establishment. And you even need some few documents for virtual loans see below :





This loan will help you meet your financial needs for your business expansion. You can make long term investments with this business loan and build up your equity by repaying the loan in convenient equated monthly installments (EMI). You can avail this loan through some simple documentation and against competitive cash securities.


  • Maximum Loan: USD 500 Million only
  • Minimum Loan: USD 500 hundred Thousands only
  • Interest Rate: 3%-20% (Based upon the amount)
  • Tenor: 3 Years - 15 Years (i.e. 36 to 150 EMI payments)
  • Cash Security: 5% to 30% of the loan amount



Business Loan Requirement :


  • Recent passport size photograph, copy of National ID Card and Bio data
  • TIN Certificate (if any)

Utility Bill of Business

  • Tax assessment paper for the last 3 years (Tax return and Assessment order)(if any)
  • Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet of business for the last 3 years
  • Evidence of presents work in hand and value
  • Bank statement for the last one year
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (MEMART) (if any)
  • Latest copy of from X, XII copy of certificate of incorporation & commencement of business and Board resolution regarding proposed loan facility.
  • Copy of valid trade license
  • Audited P/L account and Balance sheet of business for the last 1 years (if any)
  • Declaration of other obligations (if any)
  • Statement of assets with copies of evidence
  • Evidence of other income (if any)
  • Application Form
  • Allotment agreement/Bainanama with developer/owner
  • Money receipts against amounts already paid to developer/owner
  • 5% - 15% fixed interest
  • Valid email address
  • Valid phone number


Please note that the above requirements are not exhaustive and the bank may require further documentation for credit assessment on a case to case basis.





  • Loan Processing Fee: 1% of the approved loan amount


  • Early Settlement Charge: 5% on outstanding amount if repaid at any given time before maturity of the loan


  • VAT and Stamp Charge: All charges and fees are subject to 15% VAT, to be paid by the customer. Stamp charge will be at actual to be paid by the customer.

























Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q What are the requirements to apply for this loan?

A Any Business enterprise (Private Limited Company, Partnership Firm or Sole Proprietorship Concern) with atleast 3 years of business experience is eligible to apply for Business Installment Loan.


Q Is there any minimum annual sales turnover limit?

A Yes, your business requires a minimum annual sales turnover of USD 10,000 (Ten Thousands Dollar) only to be eligible to apply for the loan.


Q What is the maximum loan amount that I can avail?

A You can avail this loan up to USD 500 only provided your income supports the monthly repayments (EMIs) and other conditions/requirements are met as per bank criteria.


Q What is the method to repay this loan?

A Business Installment Loan is an installment based term loan, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing what your fixed monthly repayments (EMIs) are going to be. It also helps your business to build up its equity. We provide the maximum flexibility to repay the loan at your convenience. You can choose a tenor from 36 months to 150 months (3 Years to 15 Years). You can choose any virtual payment methods. Ask to company which is very good for both us.


Q Is there any requirement for security or collaterals?

A Yes, you would have to provide 5% to 30% security of the approved loan amount depending on your existing repayment track record with us. This security has to be provided in the form of fixed deposit with GatewayAdders Corp.


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