$ 500,000.00

$ 999 M



Our Partnership program has been designed for start-up businesses with a detailed business plan and existing any business that have an existing client base and monthly foreign exchange volume of greater than $1 billion. As a partner you will have complete control and transparency over the infrastructure through which you manage your clients. This includes full access to the our server and Integral, our price aggregation software. But make sure every partnership valid time is up to 2 years with minimum 50,000 USD deposit. Profits Share per month 20% - 50% ( $20,000 - $50,000 )




At GatewayAdders (GADs) our range of technical services is as flexible as it is advanced. With such a volatile environment as that of the International market, businesses struggle with turnkey packages designed around the notion of "one size fits all".


GatewayAdders offers bespoke solutions specifically tailored to meet your individual demands. We promise to measure twice and cut once in order to provide your business with a service that is relevant and efficient. If any of our other services do not seem applicable to your objectives we will tailor a solution that delivers exactly the services you need. Our permanent partnership validy is up to 20 years and deposit minimum $500,000 and up to 999 Million USD.

Profits Share per month 40% - 90% ( $40,000 - $50 Million )



Please contact us for more information and we will provide you with an institutional service to suit your requirements.


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Call us:

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